This is the site launched by Eva Rosenberg and Gunjan Saraf to back up their moderated discussion list -> I-Laugh

It is, naturally, about workplace humor. But that's not all its about. We're also punning on the word work. is really about humor working for you. It is not just jokes while you're working or office humor / job humor.

You've seen the difference between bulldozer and a torch at work! You see the subtleties in how they operate - one obliterates, the other, finesses. 

That's what we hope to accomplish - Help you put the finer points of humor to work for you. 

A slappy, happy buffoon might be fun at drinking parties or ideal for used-car sales. But in other businesses, a light touch will give you credibility - and attention. It will ease tense situations, break the ice with new prospects, improve relationships, close contracts - even collect money.

Have you noticed the people who let humor work for them? They are more on the cutting edge. (In the advertising community we have a saying - 'If you're not living on the edge, you're occupying too much space'). Their brain is on alert so they can remember the right light joke, to pick up the right words for harmless puns. (They know when not to push it too far and be annoying.) They listen carefully rather than just hear what people are saying. They care enough to remember what YOU said.

Which makes all the difference.

All qualities which can help you keep you in the lead at work .... right?

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